Google Photos Announces New Offline Content Mode



Google Photos Now Lets You Add New Content While Offline

Android Police has discovered an interesting update for Google Photos whereby you can add new images and videos to your album while you’re offline. As with most of these mobile apps, you can only upload new content while online. For example, Facebook and Instagram won’t give you access to put new media on your profile if you have no internet connection.

With the new Google Photos update, you can freely add as much content as you want. As soon as you have your internet connection back online, the app will synchronize the image and videos to your profile without your intervention. It applies to both existing and new albums, which means you can also sort your files while offline.

Many users have indicated that they’ve already seen the update live on their devices. The developer has slowly been rolling it out in stages, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see the feature yet. You’ll receive a notification from the app as soon as it’s available for you.

Google Photos Announces New Offline Content Mode

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